The Agricultural Company

Our farm has a surface of  330 hectares. It is constituted about for 180 hectares of woods, 40 of pasture and uncultivated lands and for 110 hectares of sowable lands It is divided in six principal parts: The S.Vicino Mountain, it includes also the peak and the east slope of the mountain with the stupendous valley of Crino (photo), about 180 ha., Bagnone, about 60 ha., Moscosi about 20 ha., S.Maria (where is situated our farmholiday) about 30 ha. Coldigioco, the center of the farm, about 10 ha. and Jesi, about 30 ha. All the parts are near among them, except for one, that one  of Jesi (to about 30 km. from the farm center). The altitude is from 300 m. on the sea level of Jesi to the 1500 m. on the sea level (peak of the S.Vicino Mountain) but the largest part is situated about at 500-700 meters on the sea level; About all the farm is situated in the immediate proximities of the Cingoli lake.

Houses for Sale

We have several old agricultural residences of exquisite workmanship, even if most must be rebuilt. They are all situated in very pleasant places. Some are for sale, as the house of Villanova, the house of Bagnone, which both have to be rebuilded, or the house of Jesi (all three showed in the pictures above).

All these houses are located in marvellous landscapes. Contact us to get more pictures.

The Cultivations

The Agricultural Company

The cultivations are those typical of the dry hill of Marche: hard wheat, bowline, sunflowers, sorghum, corn, hay, sugar beets.

(In the photo on the left is the preparation of the bed of seeding of the sunflowers in Santa Maria and in that one on the right the corn seeding in Bagnone).

The farm has got a chestnut wood, situated not far from the farm holiday, in the colony of Bagnone. Thechestnuts harvest, for moderate quantity, is free for our guests who can enjoy, in this way, this precious fruit just picked, besides  to spend a day inside a wood  of chestnuts, one of the most beautiful places of our zones.

We also produce small quantities of oil of olive from an olive-grove with very old variety, above all for one's own use.

The Woods

The surface with woods is really large, above all is wood for heating. The woods are made up of: the beechwood of the S.Vicino mountain (about 1000 meters on the sea level),  the mixed hardwoods forest (about 700 meters on sea level), the chestnut woods , mixed woods, and to the new woods of  walnut and cherry (about 500 meters on sea level).